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Good News Sports began in 1998 after the appointment of Cameron Butler to the Melbourne Football Club in the AFL as their club chaplain. Working alongside athletes, coaches and sports management staff, including Player Managers and the AFL Players Association Cameron’s vision has been to assist sports communities around Australia care for their members more effectively and in a genuine caring manner.

From group-wide critical incidents like the Bali Bombing and Boxing Day Tsunami when Troy Broadbridge died to individual grief and loss like divorce, emotional breakdown and the consequences of poor choices Cameron has overseen numerous ‘care’ cases over the past 20 years. Including the past 8 years as CEO of Sports Chaplaincy Australia – a not-for-profit charity providing volunteer chaplains to sports around Australia.

The Community Builders in Sport

Cameron has served for 15 years as a voluntary Chaplain to the Melbourne Football Club, assisted in developing care strategies for agents, clubs and leagues around our nation.

GNS provides commercial services including Critical Incident Chaplaincy, the Healthy Club Program – asisting clubs with community development and first response strategies and various club training programs.

Our Vision

Our vision at GNS is to see Sports Clubs as thriving hubs of community, family and life where people grow physically, emotionally and internally to support one-another and enrich the wider-Australian community.

Helping grow Healthy, Vibrant & Strong sports clubs and communities.

Our Services

  • Training & people development
  • Programs & club development
  • Consulting & club care strategies

Our Team

  • Chaplains
  • Trainers
  • Debriefing

Our Commitment

We are committed to the best for you and your club.

We also believe in our programs. In fact, we unconditionally guarantee all our services. If you don’t like our training or program, for any reason, you don’t have to pay. No questions asked, ever.

Welcome to GNS

Good News Sports is serving sports communities around Australia providing training, care, and specialised services in pastoral and critical incident care.

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