Sports Education Programs

We are wholeheartedly committed to excellence in training delivery. All of our presenters have been involved in personal development, education and high-performance sport for many years. They bring their insight and experience to engage the audience both intellectually and emotionally providing practical strategies and provide group and individual support.

For Clubs

Our club training programs will assist your club grow and remain healthy and vibrant. They address bottom-of-the-cliff issues like drug and alcohol and depression and top-of-the-cliff matters including leadership, success character development and athlete resilience.

Club Training Programs

Healthy Clubs Community Training

GNS can assist your club get better at caring for people facing depression, handling people on the edge (suicide awareness) or strategies to care for people better. Our 20+ years in community care can be that edge your club needs to make a difference. Please contact us for further assistance.

For Athletes

Our unique athlete development programs assist aspiring young men and women lay solid foundations and develop concrete principles for life in and around the pursuit of elite sport. Saving them from the distress and adverse distractions faced by so many in high performance sports.

Athlete Development Training Programs

Athlete Development

GNS assists sports and faith communities develop programs for athletes in leadership, character, looking at performance based identity Vs faith based identity issues for professional or aspiring sports people. Please contact us for further information.

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Good News Sports is serving sports communities around Australia providing training, care, and specialised services in pastoral and critical incident care.

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