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What is a hero?

This time of year, those who have had loved ones die in wars often express their indignation and resentment at the use of the world ‘hero’ in relation to sportspeople. To them, the word only has a military application. They overlook the importance of personal heroes…

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Whatever it takes?

It’s amazing how people get used to things. People now openly discuss the issue of “tanking” in the AFL. “Tanking” refers to “throwing” a game; deliberately losing. It came up again recently when the Melbourne coach’s tactics in the final minutes of a game were brought into question. Melbourne was in “danger” of coming last, which means they get to skim the cream of talent at the next AFL draft.

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Two Rights Make a Wrong

Sometimes things can turn out wrong even when everyone’s intentions are good. Take the sacking of Jason Akermanis by the Western Bulldogs. Aker is an individual. He values his reputation as an honest straight-shooter. He had a job in the media that required him to produce copy in the paper and fill air time with regular opinions.

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The Sporting Scapegoat

According to the Bible, Ancient Israel had an interesting way of purging themselves of their sins—they’d symbolically heap them all on the head of a goat and expel it into the wilderness. This is where we got the word “scapegoat”.

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