GNS Exclusive: Kinda Real Movie on NRL Champ Stevens

What do Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, NRL player Beau Ryan, TV’s Power Rangers star Dan Ewing all have in common? They all star in the upcoming movie Chasing Comets on the life of Australian Rugby League champ Jason Stevens. Well, sort of…

In the style of Working Dog’s “The Dish” and “The Castle” this is a funny, local tale of two mates growing up in country New South Wales who love their footy and each-other. Outlining the life and times of NRL Cronulla Sharks player Jason Stevens.

Rhys Stewart played by 2009 Australian Idol winner Stan Walker is lead character Chase’s (Dan Ewing) best buddy. Rhys plays Aussie Rules footy for one team and Chase (aka Jason Stevens) plays Rugby League for cross-town rivals. Their love for footy is only matched by their love for the girls. And when you’re good at your game there’s plenty of girls.

But life rarely ever goes to script when Chase finds himself on the ‘outer’, warming the bench. While mate Rhys is starring for his team and winning with the ‘chicks’ Chase decides to go easy with the girls after a heart to heart with the ‘Rev’ actor George Houvardas from Packed to the Rafters fame.

Chase starts to think about the choices he’s making and the impact his estranged dad had on him as a young man.

Meanwhile, girlfriend played by Isabel Lucas (Home & Away, MacGyver, Emerald City) has second-thoughts about their relationship which she sadly, but rightfully, decides to end.

Chasing Comets is a movie the older family will really enjoy (12+). It doesn’t hide from the truth of what takes place in the club-rooms, or, in life. It keeps you laughing and reflecting on some poignant relationship moments and the tough decisions we make.

A shout out to athletes having another voice in their lives like the ‘Rev’ who can help them navigate the tough moments both, on the field, and off it.

Whilst having a great story the movie doesn’t seek to moralise with the audience but provides a great resolve for young men to consider and how they can value their parent’s, i.e., mum’s, advice and likewise show dignity and respect towards their friendships with women. And importantly, laugh about life.

Our team loved it and gave it 4.5/5 ♦♦♦♦◊.

This is the first movie written and produced by Jason Stevens with hopefully many more to come. See it in cinema’s around Australia from August 23.

Take your mates to see it.

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