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GNS Exclusive: Kinda Real Movie on NRL Champ Stevens

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What do Australian Idol winner Stan Walker, NRL player Beau Ryan, TV’s Power Rangers star Dan Ewing all have in common? They all star in the upcoming movie Chasing Comets on the life of Australian Rugby League champ Jason Stevens. Well, sort of…

When football is an act of worship

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It’s not a beat-up – there really are more stories about Christian NRL players in the news these days. But don’t be too quick to declare that a supernatural revival is sweeping through the National Rugby League. The real story might be less dramatic, but it’s no less inspiring. That’s because behind the scenes of…

When grief hits: The ghost in the locker room

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Sport is such life-affirming, energetic engagement. It is no place to reflect on the ultimate outcome of the human condition. Death has been known to make its malevolent forays into the locker room, but not often. It stalks Out There, usually, and rarely does it separate teammates. When it does, it’s devastating.