The 7 Lifecycle Stages Every Business Ministry Experiences

Have you ever wondered why your growing church or mission agency has just hit-the-wall and began to stagnate or free-fall? Les McKeown explains how to take your startup ministry from days of struggle to scaled success.

This video and the attached summary PDF below can practically help your team look at…

  • Where you are in your life-cycle?
  • How to grow?
  • What you need to do?
  • How to avoid stagnation?
  • When to go to the next level?
  • Discover the importance of 3 distinct PEOPLE / ROLES your organisation needs
  • Which of these 3 people need to be front-and-centre?
  • And, Why APPLE started to free-fall before Steve Jobs returned?

While you watch this video be prepared to flex your thinking away from the direct business terminology or concepts Les uses and translate them to community concepts. E.g., A “major distributor” may be a “major source of community participation, i.e., the Sunday church service”. We don’t want to hang everything on that one significant ‘supplier’, right? See how you go.

Sometimes in leadership of God’s work we just need to tweak our team or our thinking to perform and deliver success. Other times we need a fresh revelation. I hope this video and worksheet helps you and your team unlock some keys to new level growth.

Of course it’s God who causes all things to grow [Psalm 127:1] (even while we sleep!) but we need to be ever willing to change and grow in our leadership to help the process.

Let me know if this has been helpful.

PDF Download [180kb] –  The 7 Lifecycle Stages Every Business Experiences


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